You need to buy a new server for your most critical data, the server should be able to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What are to consider? Brand of the servers? Of course. The softwares? Sure. Anything else? These are three things that cross my mind. Raid 5 If your data […]

I used to backup my Lotus Domino server R8.02 with CA Brighstor Arcserve backup R11.1 with Lotus Domino agent, without any problems. CA Brighstor Arcserve backup for my opinion may be the best backup software that support Lotus Domino available. But recently, I have problem with my domino server, it crashed with error message that […]

Recently, I have these lines in my daily log, many of them. Jun  8 10:56:24 mail dccproc[13204]: continue not asking DCC 78 seconds after 5 Jun  8 10:56:27 mail dccproc[13207]: continue not asking DCC 75 seconds after 5 Jun  8 10:56:37 mail dccproc[13228]: continue not asking DCC 65 seconds after 5 Jun  8 10:56:44 mail […]

If you using spamassassin to reduce spam to your mail server, there is big possibilities that you are also using DCC (Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses). If you are not (yet) use DCC in your spamassassin, than you should consider to install one. DCC is a free software, as long as you don’t sell the device or […]

TeamViewer, king of remote access

My sister just called me, she need to send one email immediately to one of her buyer, but her email is having a problem. The email that she want to send is stuck in the outbox, can’t be send. She using windows vista and windows mail as her mail client. I tried to explain to […]

Mobile Friendly blog with WordPress Mobile Pack

Do you have a blog? Maybe you have a blog, or maybe two or three. But now, do you blog or blogs are mobile friendly? Probably, most of your blogs are not. But now, more and more users, your readers, are on mobile, they travells, and most of the time they will access your blogs […]

Smadav, Indonesian Anti Virus

There are many viruses that come from Indonesia, that spread through the internet. Usually, mainstream anti virus like symantec, mcafee, eset have difficulties to detect these local viruses, mostly they able to detect and clean them in  several month after the first break, and that is too late. But, luckily we also have local anti […]



In lotus notes programming, I usually use Formula for simple program and Lotus Script for more complex program. I try to avoid many lines of Formula, because it difficult to read and not structured. But, Formula have many method that Lotus Script do not have, like @Implode and @Explode. Even we can write our ownLotus […]


Lotus Notes and Domino is not only  about email, it’s more than that. One of it’s feature it workflow, where people can create workflow application faster an d easier than any other application out there. One of the important thing in workflow is email notification, to let users know that they have one job to […]


Now I’m in the process to migrate all anti virus clients to Symantec EndPoint Protection. I’m very well aware of all Symantec Anti Virus Products, specially that I used to use Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition (now called Symantec EndPoint Protection) .  The best thing that I like from Symantec that even though many people […]