Finally, I have time to look at my wordpress design. It’s been a while for me to re-configure or install a new plugin for wordpress. One of my plugin doesn’t works with the new WordPress 2.6.3, that is Popular Post plugin. After searching the net, I still can’t find the new version of popular post. […]


I just moving out from my old web hosting to a new one that are bigger space, bigger bandwidth and faster performance. And as I expect, the moving of WordPress files and database from my old hosting to a new one is easy enough. There are actually two ways (at least that I know of), […]

I have problems with my WordPress for almost three days. I though that I mess something up, but realize I didn’t do anything in my wordpress setting. What usually I modified is my theme layout, nothing else. The problem is, my permalinks is not works as usual. Usually I have this permalinks format http://www.indomino.net/blog/index.php/2007/05/01/sample-post/ and […]

I just move out from blogger to WordPress. One of the key reason why I select wordpress as my blog software is WordPress have tons of plugins, and the other one is I can move my blog from another hosting company to another one with ease, because wordpress I think is the standard in blogging. […]