This is my first post since 2012 Wow, it’s been a long time. Just a quick how to Open your command prompt, and go to the directory where you keep all the vcf files,  and then do this Copy *.vcf new_single.vcf That’s it, just as simple as that.

TeamViewer, king of remote access

My sister just called me, she need to send one email immediately to one of her buyer, but her email is having a problem. The email that she want to send is stuck in the outbox, can’t be send. She using windows vista and windows mail as her mail client. I tried to explain to […]


Like a dream. Finally, I resigned from my 7 years office, move to another office, new office. All the good times that I had in my old office I will always remember, and try to forget the bad one. I do hope that this is not a bad decision, like I usually do, but I […]