How to Safely Delete Lotus Domino Transaction Log File

Transaction Log is a must have feature in Lotus Domino. If configured correctly, it’s almost speed up the whole Lotus Domino process. You can read more about Lotus Domino Transaction Log in here.

If you enable the feature, and you should, than you need to have a proper backup system that support the transaction log. Without the proper backup system that support transaction log, the disk will filled up by the transaction log files. The backup system will backup the transaction log files and then delete them, thus will free up space in your hard disk.

But, what happen if the backup system somehow not backup thing properly? What happen if the backup system do not backup the transaction log files and do not delete them? What should we do?

Recently, I had the same problem. Somehow my backup software did not delete the transaction log file after backup. My raid 1 transaction log disk was almost full, and need to free up some space quickly, before it crashed.

The first rule is you should not delete the transaction log manually, it will crashed the Lotus Domino server, believe me, I tried.

This is the workaround.

You can disable the transaction log, restart the server, enable the transaction log again, and then restart the server again. The minus point is, after you re-enable the transaction log, the Lotus Domino will do some database fixup on all of your databases in the server, it may take hours or even days.

Or you can,

  1. Change the transaction log from archival style to circular style
  2. Restart the server. It will safely delete the old transaction log files, and than it will create around 4 GB of transaction log files.
  3. Change it again to archival style
  4. Restart again, it will delete the transaction log and than again re-create the transaction log files again.

With this method, you can safe the time for database fixup.

Last, always do it in your own risk. It works in my Lotus Domino environment:

  • Windows server 2003 x64,
  • Lotus Domino 8.5.2 FP2 x64

And full backup will never hurt. 🙂

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