Can’t open mail database, “Can’t find view”

One of the user reported that he can’t open his mail database, and when I tried to open his mail database, I have this error message

“Can’t open view”

and displayed a blank database

Tried to run the following tasks:

  • Fixup
  • Updall
  • Compact
  • Convert
  • Replace design
  • Search the internet
Without any luck. 🙂
Then I try to open the database in lotus designer, and luckily it can open.
Click the list of view, and there is no view, just empty. Now, I see the problem.
So what I do next,
  1. Create one empty view, and close.
  2. Open the database, can’t open, still have “can’t find view” error message.
  3. Replace design, now it working
  4. Open the database, now it working.
It seem somehow all the views in the database got corrupted, and without a view, you can’t open lotus notes database.


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