How to fix a broken usb flashdisk

Ever broke your usb flash disk? That contains all the data for the presentation for tomorrow morning? And have no backup?

My friend did, and I can only imagine how it feels.

He gave me his shattered usb flash disk.
Fortunately, the memory chip that contains the data was not broken, only the usb connector was separated from the main pcb.

After quick search in google, I found that is easy enough to fix the broken usb flash disk.

Based on the website, I connect the usb connector to the main pcb, soldered it back and give it a try.

It works.

So, if your usb flash disk is somehow broken, don’t panicked. If the memory chip is still intact there is still hope.


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  1. Niche says:

    The USB 2.0 Standard-A type of USB plug is a flattened rectangle which inserts into a “downstream-port” receptacle on the USB host, or a hub, and carries both power and data. This plug is frequently seen on cables that are permanently attached to a device, such as one connecting a keyboard or mouse to the computer via usb connection.

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