Lotus SameTime entry server

Maybe this is my bad luck, when installing Lotus SameTime Entry server 8.02 I always having problems.

Installing Lotus Domino is not a problem, I use Lotus Domino 8.02.

Problem start when I’m trying to install Lotus SameTime entry 8.02 server, when it starting to install, it always says something about Lotus Domino or Lotus SameTime processes still running.

Unlike Lotus Domino, it seems that Lotus SameTime installation is not as smooth as it should be. It detected others processes as it own. From IBM website it listed mostly because of anti virus software.

But, even I already disable or even uninstall the anti virus software, I still have the problem.

So I try to disable all the softwares and services that running in the background one by one.

All disabled but still having the problem.

One software left, TightVNC that I use to remote the server.

So temporarily I disable the TightVNC and replace it with Remote Administrator.

And it working.

After I disabled the TightVNC, I can install the SameTime server without any more problem.

I’m not sure why there are so much problem when installing sametime server, I also have the same problem when installing SameTime entry 8.51.

Some suggestions when installing sametime server.

  • Copy the source into your local haddisk
  • Disable network connections
  • Disable all anti virus software
  • Run the installation
  • Enable the anti virus sotware
  • Enable network connections

Hope you will not have the problem as I’m.

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