10 Reasons to upgrade to Lotus Notes 8.52

IBM just release their latest Lotus Notes client, Lotus Notes 8.52. It have many improvements or features specially for the user interface, that most my users will be happy to have.

These are the list what the new improvements or features that I like the most.

1. Save as EML

What my users like the most, save email as eml, so now they can ‘attach’ email as attachment. Many companies who have tight security, maybe do not like this feature, but for other companies, they just love this feature. It better than IBM can disable or enable this feature depend on the company policy.

2. Close email after Forward/Reply

Now, you can choose if your email will be automatically close after you forward or reply it.

3. Group Icon

Now you can quickly see that the email address is a group or not right from your type-ahead list. There will be an icon in the front of email address indicate the the email address is a group or not.

4. Default font for email

Now you can set your default font for your email.

5. Forward from Trash folder

Previously, you need to restore email in case you need to forward it. But now you can forward it right from your trash folder.

6. Pretty Signature

Now you can use rich text as your signature, rather than that boring plain text or that confusing html file. To bad, you still ┬ácan’t have multiple signatures.

7. Make Contact / Group private

You can share your contacts to others people if you give them the right to access it, but now you can also make your contacts or groups private, so only you who can see it. Other people who have access to open your contacts will not see it.

8. Better Recent contacts management

Now you can have the option to include all to your recent contacts list or o Do not put cc and bcc into recent contacts.

You can delete recent contact straight from type-ahead list (just like outlook)

9. Better replication

You have better replication view, now in show in percentage in the right and also can run multiple replication in the same time.

10. View Calendar entries by category

If you like to add category on everything, including calendar entries than you going to love this feature. Now you can view your calendar entries based on their categories, much more easy to find and manage your calendar.

There are many more features that I do not include in this list, what I like the most about the new features is this features mostly affect on users, better user interface, while usually the new features are on the servers, only a few on the users.

For complete list about all the new features of Lotus Notes 8.52 you can go here.

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