How to make global out of office

This is a how to enable global out of office for everyone.

Thanks to Maria Helm for her advise.

To continue the steps, you should have knowledge about mail journaling, mail-in database, server rules, and how to create a simple agent. Don’t worry this is a very simple agent, you do not need to write a single script.

1. Create a mail in database, give it a easy to understand name.

2. Enable the mail journaling, make sure that mail journalling use send email to not copy to.
Send email to the mail in database that we just created.

3. Create a simple agent to reply every email with your custom message.
Dont worry, this is a simple agent, no script required.
When you in simple agent, enter will close the simple agent, it is better that you type the out of office notice somewhere else like in the
notepad, and then copy paste it into the agent.
Run the agen from non ordinary users, in my case i run it with an administrator account.

4. Create server rule to journal every documents excepts, email from your own domain, and you can add more exceptions if you want.

So now every emails from outside of your domain will be captured and then sent to a mail in database, where an agent will be ready to reply with an out of office message.

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