Things that makes Lotus Notes crash

Lotus notes is a very good software, but still a very good software can
have bugs that may cause the software to run unstabale, or incompatibility issues with other softwares or even with hardwares.

After searched the web, contacted with ibm engineers, I have note down
several things that can makes lotus notes to crash.

FYI, I’m using lotus notes, 8.5, 8.5.1 and 8.5.1 FP4.

If you have found that your lotus notes crash many times in a day, you can check the list.

Anti Virus

Try to disable your anti virus, if necessary remove it. I know its
extreme, but the are some reports that certain anti virus not very
compatible with lotus notes. If you found disabling anti virus solved the problem, maybe you need to check other anti virus that much more friendly with lotus notes.


Embedded Mime Email

Enable the disable embedded mime email. Its reported that embedded
mime email can crash lotus notes. Thanks to Ying Le Jia for the hint.


Basic Version

Switch to basic version instead of standard version. The Standard version have many features with eclipse, but with more features, it have more possibilities  to crash.

Bottom Preview

Use bottom preview rather then right preview. Its also reported that
right preview pane may cause lotus notes to crash. (anybody can confirm this?)

Adobe Reader 9

If you using adobe reader 9, try to download it to adobe reader 8. Its
reported that after user upgraded their adobe reader to version 9,
their lotus notes start to behave unstable. Thanks to Gunawan TW for the hint.


This list is not completed, will never be completed, because there are still many things that can cause lotus notes (or many other softwares) to crash.

6 thoughts on “Things that makes Lotus Notes crash

  1. taishi says:

    I have the issue, that my e-mail preview crashes. The program itself works fine after that, jsut the preview doesn’t work anymore, which is very annoying. This can happen several times a day and I can only fix it with restarting the whole LN client.

    Any tips how to fix this?

    1. bfebrian says:

      I just got a server crashed it always restarting, made me really frustrated. No matter what I did it always restarting, I even playing with windows registry. Until I upgraded the server to the latest domino version, it stop restarting, and now it running fine.
      Try to upgrade ypur notes client and see if the problem go away.

  2. Robert says:

    LN 8.5.1 FP4 Standard Client installed.
    Like taishi, we have a problem with the Bottom Preview Pane. Notes will freeze and not display the body of the message in the Preview Pane.
    So far we have deleted the NDK files and updated the web browser to the OS default.

    1. bfebrian says:

      did deleted the ndk files and update the default web os solve your problems? I also have the same problem.

  3. Stacy says:

    LN 8.5 FP3 Standard Client
    Like Taishi, we have a few types of “view” refresh issues, but instead of closing the
    entire notes client, you can simply close the mail tab, then re-open it. This works
    99.9% of the time for us. IBM said that this problem is fixed in 8.5.3

  4. bfebrian says:

    @Stacy: It seem that there are two type of error regarding preview pane.
    1. preview pane simply can’t display the email, closing the email tab will solve the problem.
    2. preview pane unable to open the email because of the rendering problem, with or without preview pane, the email is take a long time to open, or even lead to crash the notes client. Lotus notes 8.5.3 reduce this problem.

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