CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup R11.1 Problem with Lotus Domino Agent

I used to backup my Lotus Domino server R8.02 with CA Brighstor Arcserve backup R11.1 with Lotus Domino agent, without any problems. CA Brighstor Arcserve backup for my opinion may be the best backup software that support Lotus Domino available.

But recently, I have problem with my domino server, it crashed with error message that the transaction log is full.

I do full backup every week, and incremental backup daily, it should be enough. I check the web for what might cause the problem, and all point to the transaction log problem.

Restarting the domino server, fixed the problem, until than it crashed again, with the same error. ┬áBut now, I’m really curious, is there something wrong with my transaction log?

I found the problem accidentally, when I tried to backup individual mail file, I can’t found many mail files from Brighstor Arcserve backup user interface.

Than I realize that all the mail files that Brighstor Arcserve backup can’t found are under the directory link.

Recently, I added a new harddisk into the server, and make it as a additional drive (drive E). Than I moved several mail databases to that drive, and than created a directory link so Lotus Domino can see the mail databases.

Yes, the Lotus Domino can see the databases, but not Brighstor Arcserve backup. That maybe the problem.

I can’t found anything in the web, so join the CA forum and ask the question, the answer is that I should pacthed the software.

But, than I upgraded to Brighstor Arcserve backup R11.5 instead.

Now, with Brighstor Arcserve backup R11.5, it can see all the databases that are under directory link, I hope that it can solved the problem and no more crashed.

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