June 2010

I used to backup my Lotus Domino server R8.02 with CA Brighstor Arcserve backup R11.1 with Lotus Domino agent, without any problems. CA Brighstor Arcserve backup for my opinion may be the best backup software that support Lotus Domino available. But recently, I have problem with my domino server, it crashed with error message that […]

Recently, I have these lines in my daily log, many of them. Jun  8 10:56:24 mail dccproc[13204]: continue not asking DCC 78 seconds after 5 Jun  8 10:56:27 mail dccproc[13207]: continue not asking DCC 75 seconds after 5 Jun  8 10:56:37 mail dccproc[13228]: continue not asking DCC 65 seconds after 5 Jun  8 10:56:44 mail […]