Smadav, Indonesian Anti Virus

There are many viruses that come from Indonesia, that spread through the internet. Usually, mainstream anti virus like symantec, mcafee, eset have difficulties to detect these local viruses, mostly they able to detect and clean them in  several month after the first break, and that is too late.

But, luckily we also have local anti virus, that mainly able to detect and clean those local viruses, like pcmav and smadav.


But, compare to them, personally I like smadav most because of it small size and able to work together with mainstream anti virus. My smadav 2010 rev 8 able to work together with Symantec End Point 11.

As stated in their website

Smadav was made to clean and protect your computer from local viruses that many spread in Indonesia.

If you using anti virus like symantec, mcafee and esset, you can use smadav as second layer of protection against virus without a problem.

You can download the smadav for personal use for free in here. The website and user interface are in bahasa, but it’s will not be difficult to understand the interface because it so easy.

If you want to try pcmav, you can download it in here.

Be secure.


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