Why we need to upgrade to Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5?

IBM already released the new Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5. Now we have the question, should we or should we not upgrade our lotus notes and domino (specially domino) to version8.5?

What are the benefits if we upgrade our lotus notes and domino?

Are there any new feature(s) that we can use?

You can learn all the features in Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 in here, and these are the features that I really like.

Lotus Domino Attachment and Object Services (DAOS)

For me, as lotus domino administrator, where I have many GB’s mailboxes tha full of attachments, are really a life saving. If only lotus domino 8.5 only have DAOS as the only new feature, I still like to upgrade.

“In databases that use DAOS, Lotus Domino no longer stores an attachment within the document itself. Instead, the DAOS-enabled server saves a single copy of the attachment in the DAOS repository and replaces the attachment with a reference to that DAOS object. If an attachment exists in multiple databases, the attachment is stored only once per server partition, and the reference counts are increased. Therefore, when an attached file is sent to multiple users on the same server, disk space usage is substantially reduced. As impressive as the reduction in disk space can be, there is an even greater potential cost savings associated with DAOS. DAOS can store attachments on a different device than the Lotus Notes databases themselves. In our internal email performance benchmark, DAOS accounts for less than 2 percent of the overall I/O (see the real-world examples that follow). Because of this separation, DAOS can use lower-cost disks without affecting overall response times.”

so, if someone send an email with 2 MB of attachment to 10 people, without DAOS it will cost you 20 MB space in the server. With DAOS, it will only cost you 2 MB space in the server.

For short, DAOS will reduce the need of bigger disks and less time to backup. 🙂

You can learn more about DAOS in here.

Notes ID Vault

I’m using Escrow Agent to mail all notes id to an mail-in database. So I always have the backup of notes id file for my users. Also I also save a physical file of notes id in safe places. Therefore if users forget their notes id password, or simply loose it, I always have the copy available.

With Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5, they have the new feature called Notes ID Vault. Where not only administrator able to recover lost notes id file, but the users also able to reset their own passwords.

The benefits of using an ID vault include:

  • The ability for authorized personnel to change (reset) passwords on IDs stored in a vault when users forget them, without access to the ID files or the vault
  • Support for the use of a custom application to reset passwords
  • Easy recovery of lost or damaged user IDs
  • Automatic synchronization of multiple ID copies
  • No user involvement during ID renames
  • No user involvement during ID key rollover

Notes Shared Login

Before Lotus Notes 8.5, we have what we called Notes Single Login, but this new feature should be more secure than Notes Single Login.

But, I still like the simple enter your password dialog box, rather than trusting my password for automatic login.

There are many interesting new features in lotus notes and domino 8.5 like lotus domino designer now run on top of eclipse, XPages etc. But what I like the most is the DAOS, it really a break through on how lotus domino stores they attachments.

And I think, upgrade to Lotus notes and Domino 8.5 is worthed.

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