New features in Lotus Notes 8.5 (A very quick review)

I just got my copy of Lotus Notes 8.5, and this is just a quick look on what new and interesting features in the new lotus notes 8.5 client.

This is just a quick look, so don’t expect a full review of lotus notes 8.5 client. 🙂

New signature

Now users can create a more beautiful signature rather than text only signature or user have to create a html file. Users can create a colorful signature or even attach a picture.

Export Contact

Now users can export their contact into csv or vcf file.  It will be easier for users to copy their contacts to others email clients.

Default email, calendar and contact

After we finished install and configure lotus notes 8.5 client, it will ask if we want to setup lotus notes as our default email, calendar and contact program. Before it will only ask for default email program.

New Right Click

Lotus Notes 8.5 have a new right click menu, and much more cleaner and nicer than the lotus notes 8.02.

Those three new features that I quickly recognize after I setup the lotus notes 8.5 client. I will added more in this post, if I have found more features.

Have fun with the new Lotus Notes 8.5 client.

1 thought on “New features in Lotus Notes 8.5 (A very quick review)

  1. Efren Villamagua says:

    I have Lotus Notes 8.5 Release 8.5 and I can’t setup the signature with html/rich text format. It´s limited to plain text. I don’t see these options. Need I to setup anymore ?

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