White House email server down

Duh, why I did not received this big news earlier.

This is a big news, for people who maintains email servers everywhere in the world.

That the White House email server was down almost for a day. Yes, the White House, where they should hire experts from around the world.

But the email server was down.


How is it possible that the e-mail system for the White House could go down that long, a caller asked? Press secretary Robert Gibbs had just apologized on live television for the lack of any e-mail contact.

“We still don’t know,” the help-line guy said, adding that two e-mail servers had been rebooted but that two others remained mysteriously down, with no immediate explanation.

He then abruptly put the caller on hold, returning momentarily to say that he was no longer authorized to answer questions.

Remained mysteriously down, lol, that is very funny.


As of Tuesday morning, the White House was once again sending its regular slew of e-mails.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs acknowledged the outage during a briefing to reporters Monday afternoon. White House aides at the briefing had to pass out photocopies of the executive orders signed by the president that day, rather than e-mailing them to reporters. The outage, however, did not appear to cause any major disruptions at the White House.

Well I guess email is not really important in the white house, while many other business depend heavily on email traffic.

And that what will hapen if they used MS Exchange as their mail server.

Or, maybe they should change it back into Lotus Domino/Notes system? Maybe now they regret the migration?


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  1. Bud, besok Lotusphere di Jakarta 26 Feb 2009 jangan lupa datang yah?

  2. cakep site nya om… bisa buat contoh gw om….

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