About Lotus Foundation

The most interesting part of the event is Lotus Foundation.

Lotus foundation is a “software suite” that has it own operating system based on striped Open Suse linux, and a striped down version of Lotus Domino server. It has it own anti spam and anti virus software, file sharing, firewall and even VPN server, that why I called it a software suite.

This is a software suite, so it can be installed in any hardware, but maybe some IBM Business Partner will sell it with the hardware to reduce hardware compatibilities issues.

And for the email clients, it support webmail, lotus notes clients, ms outlook and any other email clients that support pop3 an
In the advertisements, it state that it can up and running in less than 30 minutes, and it designed for small office with no IT personnel.

The suite can self configured, it mean that it will automatically detect the network infrastructure and configure it self based on it founding.

If the suite detected that there are some malfunction in part of it software, it will try to heal it self, by restore the configuration from the last backup, and it will done automatically.

In the demo, the hardware come with two sata harddisks, on for the suite and the other one for the backup. If something really bad happen, it will only take 30 minutes to restore to it default stat, and maybe another 10-30 minutes to restore from the backup.

You can get the brochure here, and the datasheet here.

I guess it true, that the suite is designed for small office that has no IT personnel, and soon I’ll be out of the job :).

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