How to install Blackberry Connect in Nokia

I’m not using blackberry device or use blackberry service for my push email solution. I only helping others to install blackberry connect in their nokia phones. I’m quite happy using Seven (free service) as my push email solution.

I already installed and setup blackberry connect in two nokia phones, E61i and E90. The way how to install it is very similar. So, I think this how to also can be applied with other nokia phone that support blackberry connect.

Too bad that the new nokia will not support blackberry connect anymore because nokia want to implement their own push email service.

This how to should be sufficient to help you to setup blackberry connect into your nokia phone.

Make sure that your nokia phone support blackberry connect. You can check whether your nokia phone support blackberry in nokia website.

Download the blackberry connect application that match with your nokia phone and your firmwire version. You can check your firmwire with this combination *#0000#. Blackberry connect will not work if the firmwire is different.

Register blackberry plan with your phone provider.

Install the blackberry connect application in your nokia phone. You can install it with nokia pc suite, or just copy the sisx file into your memory card and run it fom there.

Register your phone with blackberry by selecting option and select register now.

Open the blackberry website (this should be dependent with your phone provider) and create a new account (I assume that this the first time you using blackberry service). You need the PIN and IMEI number to register. PIN and IMEI number can be found in status page in your blackberry connect application.

From there you can register you email addresses or even create a new one. The steps are easy enough to follow.

Now, all you have to do is wait while blackberry setup your nokia phone.

Enjoy the blackberry service


5 thoughts on “How to install Blackberry Connect in Nokia

  1. Gerard Armando says:

    Hi.. the website for nokia is not working anymore and the’ve not published the software in another location.. so, can you please send via email the files needed for the installation for th e90?? please.. thanks

  2. bfebrian says:

    Sorry, I do not have the file.
    Since nokia released they own push email solution, they removed the blackberry connect software.

  3. i will like to know more about blackberry connection in term of browsing,pining,email

  4. jones says:

    please how can i download the bbconnect with my E61i? Bcos i cant find it in Nokia business software.

    1. admin says:

      Blackberry connect for nokia already discontinue.

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