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Finally, I have time to look at my wordpress design. It’s been a while for me to re-configure or install a new plugin for wordpress.

One of my plugin doesn’t works with the new WordPress 2.6.3, that is Popular Post plugin. After searching the net, I still can’t find the new version of popular post. So, with regrets, I have to disable the popular post plugin.

While searching, I found another plugins than can really usefull for my blog, there are Simple Tags and Google XML sitemap.

Simple Tags

Somehow, my ultimate tag warrior got corrupted. It’s cannot show my tags anymore. I tried many things to fix it but failed, so I have to disable the plugin and remove it form my template.

Now I need another plugins to manage my tags. I can however to reinstall the ultimate tag warrior plugin, but I think it’s te time to playing arround with my wordpress.

After a few search, I found this plugin. I give it a test and found out that this plugin is so amazing. It have many other usefull features like rename tags and mass edit tags (the best features imho). It’s also have the related post feature, but I don’t use it yet.

The installation is easy, more easy than the ultimate tag warrior.

Google XML Sitemaps

This the plugin that I loved. It will re-generate a sitemap for google, and many other search engines. The best thing is, it will automatically re-generate a new sitemap every time we post a new post and submit it to search engines. So our sitemap will always be up to date.

The day where I have to create a new sitemap manually and submit it to google are gone.

Those are the two ne plugins that I installled in all my wordpress blog. If you new in wordpress, you need to install these plugins.

These are the plugins that need to be installed.

These two simply you MUST have.
1. Askimet
2. All in one SEO pack

These four are very important plugins
1. Simple Tags
2. FeedBurner FeedSmith
3. Related posts
4. Google XML Sitemaps

And the rest are not necessary but good to have.
1. Subscribe to comments
2. WP-Contact form

These are why wordpress is so loveable, with tons of plugins, it seem that it can do anything (but still can’t make me a cup of coffee 🙂 )

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  1. shuron says:

    Look at your related post list. May be you can then understand why I don’t like traditional Related posr plugins, because they based on contex nalysis. What ever the content analysis algorithms are and how ever the configuration options used, resulting related post lists are mostly just a bullsh$%.
    Read about the alternative way:

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