Jokes on users

Being as a mail administrator and also support, I have to meet many kind of people. There are people that really curious about computers, but some people are not.

To become a good mail administrator you have to have a lot of patients. Really, based on my 12 years of experiences.

Don’t believe me?

This is my conversations with my users over the phone.

User : The server is down (it’s not a question).
Me : Which server?
User : (silent) That server.
Me : (guessing that will be the mail server) No, the server is not down.
User : But I can’t connect to the server.
Me : Is your friend that sit next to you can’t connect to server too?
User : (I can hear that he asking the question to his friend) No, he can connect to the server.
Me : So the problem is in your computer, not the server. What is your computer name so I can remotely access from here?
User : (long silent) My computer name is samsung.
Me : (confuse) Your computer name is samsung? (ping samsung, got reply time out).
User : Yes, it written here samsung.
Me : Written where?
User : Here in my monitor.
Me : (big smile in the face) No, it’s not your computer name, is the brand of your monitor.
User : (silent) How do I know my computer name?
Me : No, it’s Ok. What is your email address? (I can found out his computer name from the server)
User : (silent) You don’t know my email address?
Me : (can’t help it, now I’m laughing) Sorry, who is this again?

It’s not happen everyday, but some times this kind of conversations do happen.


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