How to choose the right web hosting

Now you want to create your own blog or you want to upgrade your blog from blogger to self hosted wordpress, the first thing you need is a web hosting.

Web hosting is going to be cheaper and cheaper everyday, for wordpress you can go for shared hosting.

Shared hosting is enough for most blogger, it’s capable to serve up to hundreds or even thousands of visitors a day. You can find shared hosting price range from $1 and up to $6 per month. More than that, just too expensive.

There are so many web hosting available, you need to choose the one that good enough to host your blog and of course that fit with your budget.

These are tips for you to choose the right web hosting. I hope these tips can help you to find one.

Research, research and research
Find as many reviews about web hosting as you can find, do the research and take your time. You can start research from these two forums.


Read the forums carefully, it will help you to find the web hosting that right for you.
But don’t stop there, if you still have the times, do more research, and google is your friend.

Choose web hosting only from reputable web hosting. Do not fall for cheap and brand new web hosting company, many of them are just hit and run type of web hosting. They start last month and will be gone in the next month. In the next two month they will create another web hosting company with different name.
Better choose a web hosting company that already in business for years with good reputations. Mostly they will cost you more, but your blog will be safe.

TOS – Terms of Services
Read the TOS carefully and understand it. There are so many restrictions in TOS that you need to know. You don’t want your blog being suspended or even terminated because you just broken their TOS.
As example, one of my blog suspended because it take too many cpu resources. I have to negotiate with the web hosting and redesign the blog.


Right now, there are so many web hosting that offers you unlimited space and unlimited bandwith. Please remind this, there is no such thing as unlimited resources. Any web hosting that offers unlimited space and unlimited bandwith only trying to tricks you.

You do not need unlimited web space for your blog, believe me, 1 GB web space is more than enough for most bloggers. That is why their offer unlimited space, because they know that you will not use it more than 1 GB for your blog.

If they offers you unlimited space or unlimited bandwith, read the TOS again, usually there are certain file types or certain services that not allowed.

You have unlimited space but you can’t use it to save big files.
You have unlimited bandwith but you can’t stream videos.
So what the points?

Specially note about cpu resources.
Select your wordpress plugins carefully, you don’t want that because only one plugins your blog will eat up cpu resources and then your blog got suspended because your blog broken the TOS.

Most web hosting support fantastico, but to be safe make sure that your web host support it. It will make your life easier. You can upgrade your wordpress blog in only two clicks.

That are my tips to choose a good web hosting company for your blog, I hope that these tips will help you to find one.

Yes, is not easy to own your own blog, specially with wordpress. But that just a minor thing to pay, and in rewards you can own your own blog powered with the most powerfull and flexible blog software available.

If you not willing to take this kind of problems, you can just keep on blogging in blogger if you can live with so many limitations.


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