Dopod 900, a PDA with wireless capabilities

I just bought a second hand Dopod 900 from a friend. I want to try how stable and usefull Windows Mobile OS is. I already tried Palm and Symbian OS, and now it’s about time to try Windows Mobile.

My choice of Dopod 900 because it upgradable, VGA display, Wifi, 3G and most important thing is qwerty keyboard. The first thing I did is upgraded the OS form Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6.1. The upgrade process is easy enough for a newbie like me.

Dopod 900 is very big and heavy compare with others PDA phones. I will not use it as a mobile phone, and actually I will not consider it as a mobile phone at all. I consider it as a PDA with wireless capabilities. You still can use it as a phone if you want, but I recommended to use a handsfree, wired or bluetooth one.

My second choice is Dopod 838 Pro, also have the same features but with smaller QVGA display, but smaller than Dopod 900 and have 3.5G instead of 3G. The most advantage is that because Dopod 838 Pro smaller than Dopod 900, Dopod 838 Pro much more usable as an ordinary phone.

I choose Dopod 900 because of VGA display. With VGA display, it very pleasure to read email and surf the net. Many software doesn’t works nicely in VGA display, and what worst is that Dopod 900 doesn’t have extra four buttons like many other Windows Mobile PDA’s , so many games that required the extra four buttons will not run at all.

Because this gadget is designed as a wireless gadget, I bought a data plan for Dopod 900, unlimited data plan, so I can maximize the use of it.

Overall this gadget is a very useful gadget for me. I mostly use it to read and write emails and surf the net. I also use it to do routine check of the servers. I can do it remotely via ssh or vnc. Fortunately most log files are sent through email so it easier for me to check the status of the servers. If I need serious work, than I will switch to a notebook and use Dopod 900 as a 3G modem. I can do it all of it with my Nokia E61, but with Dopod 900 I can do it better with larger display.

With so many capabilities, I still keep my ordinary mobile phone. But that the trade of that I willing to take rather than to use it as a mobile phone.


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