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With Lotus Domino, we have the abilities to access our mailbox via web. First, is nothing more than quot;Hey, I can access my email via webquot; or simply webmail, and now it become ‘full features’ Lotus Notes client or iNotes (later it called Domino Web Access or DWA).
Now in Domino Web Access there are three options on how to access your mailbox via web.

  • Domino Web Access
  • Domino Web Access Lite
  • Domino Web Access Ultra Lite

Big thanks to Gunawan’s blog who give me the news about the new web access ultra lite and how to enable it.

Domino Web Access
This is the standard web access. If your main internet browser is Internet Explorer and you have fast internet connection, than this kind of web access is the most suitable for you.
As normal Lotus Notes client, It give you more features, like preview and full access to your calendar.
I still having problem to access Domino Web Access via my Firefox 3.0.1, it still buggy. One big problem that I can’t attached any files to new email. I’m not sure if the problem is in Domino or Firefox, but I do hope that both parties can work together to solved this problem.

Domino Web Access Lite
As in the name, this web access is a liter web access version than the standard. If you have slow or medium internet connection maybe you can try this web access. It does not give you preview and full calendar functionality, but it will give you tabs for email and sidebar for calendaring.
You can easily change from full dwa to lite dwa from the right top menu.

Domino Web Access Ultra Lite
This is new since Lotus Domino 8.02, designed for mobile users with smartphone or pda. It designed to run on iphone but it run perfectly in my Opera Mini under my Nokia E61. But because of the landscape screen in Nokia E61 , the icons does not fit very well. It should fit well in any screen that in portrait mode.
As in Gunawan’s Blog you can try to access your Domino Web Access Ultra Lite via Google Chrome, but because Google Chrome is using some part of Opera engine, I think it should run in Opera browser too (it run in my Opera Mini).

Domino still support standard webmail for older internet browser or non standard internet browser (I can access webmail via Opera Mini).
For more security, it is wise to enable SSL encryption in your web server to prevent someone else hacking into your data, specially your username and password.

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  1. yung duk says:

    hi bfebrian,

    opera mini works pretty fine with domino webmail. I can read mails but how can write and send new mails?


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