A few notes about nupgrade.exe

I do many times migrate from outlook pst files to lotus notes nsf files. Some are easy to do, and some are not.

For small pst files, the migration are flawless. Small pst is smaller than 5 GB. While for big pst files, there could be many problems.

I just encounter problem when trying to migrate about 20 GB pst file into lotus notes. It just crash with dump file that I can’t understand. I tried to split the pst file into several smaller pst files, and it really help in migration.

Do not try to compact pst files, I just spend more than 8 hours to compact 20 GB pst file, and it only reduced into 19 GB. Better create new pst file, and move the folders. It alot faster and compact.

One thing about the migration process, if only there is a verbose mode in nupgrade that will really help. Right now, there is only few information in the nupgrade console. Only when nupgrade found error, it will displayed in the console. So the switch like ‘nupgrade -v 3’ to display verbose mode will really help us to know what is going on in the process.

By the way, the 20 GB pst file is the result of imported from outlook express dbx files. And it took me about 8 hours to import them into outlook pst file.

Right now the time is 11:10 pm, and still running the migration.

3 thoughts on “A few notes about nupgrade.exe

  1. Anupam Banerjee says:

    From where I will find Nupgrade.exe for exchange to .nsf mail migration

  2. Afterimage says:

    I know this is an ancient topic now, but for anyone else wondering, you have to check the box that says Exchange Migration when installing Lotus Notes or else NUPGRADE.EXE will be unavailable.

    1. bfebrian says:

      Yes, correct. Thanks for the update, many people still confuse where to look the nupgrade.exe file.

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