Most Ask Questions from MS Outlook users

What is the most ask question from MS Outlook users when they confronted with Lotus Notes?

This is my personal experience when trying to convert MS Outlook users to Lotus Notes users.

1. How to attach email in Lotus Notes?
This is the most annoying question, because Lotus Notes can’t attach email as attachment as MS Outlook does. Almost every MS Outlook users ask this same question. And if my answer is Lotus Notes can’t attach email as attachment, the next question or statement from them almost the same “why we have to use Lotus Notes?”. That is why this question for me is the most annoying question.

Exporting message to rtf file works for some users, but not for others. For me, exporting emails into rtf file, is not the same with attached the emails it self, because emails contains headers and attachment(s) that can’t be handle by rtf file.

But there is a work a round.

There is another mail template from that have many features. One of the feature is to be able to forward emails as attachments. So far the template is works great for me, and I will give it to my users who need it.

You can download the OpenNTF Mail Experience in here. You need to register first, but it only take less than 5 minutes.

2. How to automatically added email addresses into contacts.
While this can be done by Lotus Notes 8 standard edition, Lotus Notes 8 basic edition can’t do it – as far as I know.

For me personally, the features in MS Outlook is annoying features, personally – I have to disable it.

Why, because I want to take control of my contacts, and keep it clean as possible. Only add email addresses if I want it too, not automatically. I don’t know why people like the feature. More than often that I see people have double or triple records for the same contact in MS Outlook. They can live with that, but not me.

And again, I have to promote the same template from, because it have the feature to add not only add the sender, but also the recipients to the contacts. This will save a lot of time for Lotus Notes 8 basic edition.

3. How to change the default font, style in Lotus Notes?

MS Outlook is easy to customize, specially if the use MS Word as their mail editor, and now they want to customize Lotus Notes the same way they customize MS Outlook.
My simple answer is that they can use text properties to change the font, style etc, but they can’t change the default font.

4. Have more than 64 columns.
One bad habits of MS Outlook users is copy paste table from excel file to the body of the email. While this is work for another MS Outlook users, but (they should know that) not every body use MS Outlook.

Lotus Notes having problem since the design of Lotus Notes, that Lotus Notes documents doesn’t support any table that have more that 64 columns in it. So, simply Lotus Notes can’t open emails if inside the emails contains a table that have more than 64 columns, the way around to solve this is to open the email via web.

5. How to put attachments in top of the emails?
This is the last question they ask. In MS Outlook they can see attachments in top of their emails, make them easier to look. In Lotus Notes, attachments are put in the bottom of the email, so user need to scroll down the email until they can find the attachments.

I agree this is annoying, but if all users using Lotus Notes, we can put attachment the way we want and the recipients can see the way we put the attachments.

But, than again, not everybody using Lotus Notes.

My summary is that MS Outlook and Lotus Notes have different strength and weakness, while MS Outlook is easy to use and customized, Lotus Notes is very stable and power full mail client and much more. Personally I think that without custom applications, Lotus Notes will lose it appeal.

One thing that I learn about this is changing another mail server to Lotus Domino is easy, changing another mail clients to Lotus Notes is easy, but changing people habits is very difficult, specially if the already using MS Outlook for years.

Note, that I hate HTML mail, not every body using HTML mail clients. There are some people still using mutt as they mail client.


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