Let’s promote OpenNTF

I believe that OpenNTF.org has given many contribution to lotus notes/domino developers.

I also uses at least three of their templates, and the one that I like is OpenNTF Mail Experience, which give me much features than the original mail template has.

Vince Schuurman – the one who manage OpenNTF Mail Experience project in OpenNTF – also create this script or plugins that can be embedded into any website, the idea is to promote OpenNTF to the internet, so many people will become aware of it presence.

This script or plugins, as default will show three random projects from OpenNTF in any website, and it only take 5 minutes to put it in any website.

So, let promote OpenNTF.

if you have any blogs, any websites, please put this script into your website and join to promote OpenNTF.

I use OpenNTF templates, at least this what I can do to support it.

For more information about the script, you can visit here.

For more information about OpenNTF, you can visit here.


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    I’ll think about it..

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