The Secret of Lotus Notes Migration Tools

Time to do my homework.

There are plenty of users here, well around 500 users that want to migrate their emails and contacts from MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express to the new and more powerful Lotus Notes client 🙂 .

First, I confuse, how can I do that? I got help from the IT team, but how? How can I migrate user mail file from MS Outlook/Express?

Lotus Notes is shipped with migration tools so you can migrate your MS Outlook/express emails to lotus notes.

But after I read this wonderful article, I realize that the migration tools nothing more that create a new IMAP account in MS Outlook/Express that point to IMAP server in Lotus Domino server. After that you can simply copy the emails from your MS Outlook/Express account to the Lotus notes IMAP folder. As simply is that.

That will save a lot of works. Thanks.

Now, I don’t have to install the migration tools after I knew they little secret 🙂 .

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