Ooops, License Use Managemet error

I just do a fresh install of Lotus Domino 8 server in a fresh hardware.

The hardware is IBM Xseries 3650 with 2 internal scsi harddisks and with external storage that can handle up to 12 scsi harddisks.

The plan is, the two internal scsi harddisks will be configured as raid 1 and become C drive, where OS Windows Server 2003 and Lotus Domino 8 program files installed.

The external storage will become Lotus Domino 8 data files and else (transaction log etc).

Unfortunately, the external storage is not available yet, I must wait for another week. So while waiting for external storage, I installed Lotus Domino 8 program and data files in c drive. If the external storage arrived, I will configured some of harddisks as raid 5 and format it as D drive. Than I can simply move the Lotus Domino data from C drive into the D drive, and adjust the notes.ini manually.

I did this too many times without a problem.

But not with Lotus Domino 8.

After I moved the data and adjust notes.ini, I tried to start the Lotus Domino service, and I got this following error.

“An error occurred during license use management initialization. Ensure that you are running Domino with a valid license file.”

Curious I press enter and it show up another line of error.

So I killed Lotus Domino server and re-check the notes.ini, nothing is wrong.

Try to start the service again, and again I got the same error.

Restarted the server, still got the same error.

Start to ask Google.

After few modifications in keywords, i found it in IBM support here.

The solution is simple enough, reinstall Lotus Domino Server. 🙂

At least they not telling me to reinstall the OS too. :).

8 thoughts on “Ooops, License Use Managemet error

  1. giovanni says:

    I found the same error in this case:

    I installed lotus into server A
    I copied dir lotus in another server B
    I lanch server on server B
    I have the same error
    In previous release this is OK

    In Domino 8 the start on server check for presence of lotus key and domino subkey and path sub-sub-key
    If exist and directory is the same of lotsu inst yhen server start, otherwise the start visualize the message of licence error.

    I heve tried changing the name to directory lotus and in notes.ini of server. (eg lotus8test)
    I started the server and visualize the same message
    I changed the new name directory in registri key and the server is started.


  2. bfebrian says:

    Thanks for the input.
    So, in Domino 8 is not enough just to change the notes.ini file to change the data directory, we also need to change windows registry too.


  3. Alan Bell says:

    thanks for this, for reference the registry key is
    and perhaps:

    and you want to change the datapath value

  4. Nik says:

    Hi Guys,

    I’m getting the same error when I’m trying to install an eval version of Domino 8 on Windows.

    I can’t find any instructions on what to do to fix this problem. All I want to do is install the server and try it out for a few days but as soon as the installation has finished I try to start the server and it displays this error message.

    Any ideas??

  5. Thanks for the posting. I had the problem on my 64 bit server install and this was the only clue on how to get around the problem!

  6. Rick in Virginia, USA says:

    Thank you very much. I just had this same issue and spent a good deal of time tracking it down as I rebooted first.

    The server would start but then halt at “applying computer settings”. There is lots of information on this on the web but what is not immediately obvious is what the cause is… Turns out this is caused by a service that is hanging at start up. Most of the items point to APC or SP2 as the cause. After several safe mode restarts I ended up disabling Domino and then BES and the server started up cleanly. When manually trying to start domino I got the same error you list here and the advice here allowed me to quickly fix the issue… Thank you very much…

  7. Mucho Thank You.

    After a data directory move,BOOM, had the same problem.

    Thanks for the solution, worked like a champ!

  8. fireangle says:

    Please check your time and date is not wrong

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