What is the biggest and the longest…

That will be a funny title, and make you curious 🙂

No, the question is…

What is you biggest lotus notes database and your longest agent that run in your lotus domino server?

I know that there are many users that have a very-very big database, and agent that are so complex that require hours to finish.

I want to show of mine.

My biggest database is around 25 GB.


A big database, I have to maintain it carefully, but so far… more than 3 years I have no problem with it.

This database is workflow database, where the main data imported from our main ERP system that based on iSeries.

When I think of it, scary, but thanks to Lotus Domino, it can handle that amount of data without any problem.

Maybe I need to archive some data to reduce the size of it, because I have some problem to backup the database that size.

My longest agent that run is around 30 minutes.

This agent is in the same database, it will import the data from our ERP system, update the data if already exist, or create a new one if not. I need to pull my hair out to create this agent, but the result is satisfactory.

It’s been fun playing around with Lotus Notes and Domino, where it can handle big databases without any problem.


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