Connection without Connection

This is really happen. 🙂

I just have an electrical problem, the power from electric company was down, so we have to run our servers from ups.

After a while, the ups start to drop the battery, so we start to shutdown unnecessary servers, so it give the ups more power to run.

But, it not for long, the electriciy still down and the ups battery start to drop quickly, so we decided to run ONLY the smtp server, so at least we still can receive emails.

But someone in the IT department take it very literally, he or she also pull the plug of the switches, including the main switch that connect to the servers (including smtp server)
And the smtp server is up and running.

But without the connection to the main switch, how it can receive any emails? 😛

No one say that he or she that pull the plug of the switches, it still remain a mystery. 😉


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