Goodbye Rules_du_jour, Welcome sa-update

I’ve been using Rules_du_jour for years now, and a very happy rules_du_jour user.

But since the ddos attack on rule semporium, I had severals problem on updating my SARE rulessets.

Since spamassassin version 3.x, spamassassin come with a little script called sa-update. Sa-update actually works like rules_du_jour script, to look for a new rulesets and update it.

As default, sa-update will look for their own update from (called channel), but we can create a new channels and tell sa-update to look for another rulesets. The most stable and usefull rulesets (beside spamassassin own rulesets) are from rulesemporium (SARE for short).

I will not discuss on how to use sa-update to update your SARE rulesets, because it already available (and a very good one too) in here.

But this is just a simple steps on how I do it.

  1. Basically, I disabled to rules_du_jour from cron script and delete all SARE rulesets from /etc/mail/spamassassin (in my CentOS).
  2. Create a new channels file and save it in /etc/. I named my channels file as sare-sa-update-channels.txt.
  3. Add entry in channels file for my SARE rulesets, and don’t forget to add the default that come from spamassasin.
  4. Add another cron job that run daily to run this script

sa-update –channelfile /etc/sare-sa-update-channels.txt –gpgkey 856AA88A

And this my channels file look like, you can copy paste it if you like.

The first line will tell sa-update to look for an updates from it default channels first.

You can learn more about sa-update in here


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