July 2007

I’ve been using Rules_du_jour for years now, and a very happy rules_du_jour user. But since the ddos attack on rule semporium, I had severals problem on updating my SARE rulessets. Since spamassassin version 3.x, spamassassin come with a little script called sa-update. Sa-update actually works like rules_du_jour script, to look for a new rulesets and […]

I has been testing IPCop Firewall for more than a week now. I only have two minor problems with IPCop, there are: IPCop as default allow all connections to the Internet. This maybe ideal for home users but not corporate users. IPCop as default not support NAT 1:1. Although we can modify the iptables script […]

Continuing on my previous post. After discussed it throughly, we decided to give software firewall a try. Better to postpone to buy expensive hardware firewall, and first try the software firewall that are more cheaper (or free). The Choices There are many software firewalls, but after googling, searching and etc, the choices are down to […]