Spammers Strike Back: Under Attack!

Yesterday, I saw that my rules_du_jour program not running as usual. I can’t connect to, and my rules_du_jour command return “Got 504 from SARE Abused Redirect Subject Ruleset for SpamAssassin (post3.0.0) at…”

From the mailscanner mailing list, I found out that rulesemporium is not the only one who under attack, so is,,

Official news release from spamhaus about this attack at here

Storm is the ‘nightmare’ botnet, capable of taking out government facilities and causing much mayhem on the internet. It has 3 functions; sending spam, fast-flux web and dns hosting mainly for stock scams, and DDoS. There is a hefty international effort underway by cyber-forensics teams in a joint effort by law enforcement and private sector botnet and malware analysts to trace the perpetrators.

They really hate spamhaus, that give me more reason to use spamhaus services. They hate spamhaus mean only one thing. Spamhaus really works.

I don’t see much of timeout on spamhaus, so I think the attack on spamhaus is not very succesfull.

You can see many kind attack, and how spamhaus aware of it at

But the attack against rulesemporium really hit. It down almost two days, and still down as I write this blog. I still got 504 when I tried to update my rules_du_jour this morning.

I hope will soon up and running again as usual, because they give us excellent services to handle spam.

All the Best.

3 thoughts on “Spammers Strike Back: Under Attack!

  1. Del says:

    Thanks for keeping people informed on this. I use rules_du_jour as well, and the hit on their web sites is starting to cause me some pain.

    I hope whoever is responsible is identified and forced to wear anime catgirl ears for a month.

  2. Jim K says:

    Thanks for the incite. I was wondering why my rule updates have been failing.

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