Network World: ‘Spam King’ arrested in Seattle

A Good news to start the day.

A Seattle man was arrested Wednesday morning for illegal spamming activities.

I think all spamming activities is illegal.

The indictment charges Robert Alan Soloway and his company, Newport Internet Marketing, with fraudulently selling broadcast e-mail products and services that amounted to spam. The U.S. attorney’s office for the Western District of Washington refers to Soloway as a “spam king,” for the volume of unsolicited commercial e-mail his company produced. He is charged with mail fraud, identity theft, fraud and money laundering.

That plenty of charges, but he is the king.

If convicted, Soloway faces fines of over $772,000, which is the amount he illegally obtained from his activities, as well as forfeiture of other money and property.

Maybe not just fines, several months or years in prison will do just fine.

There are plenty of spammers out there, waiting to be arrested.

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