Lotus Domino as MX servers?

When I jump to Chris Linfoot’s Blog, I found that he created a poll for what kind of MX servers that his visitors using (everyone invited to vote too).

The choices is:

  • Lotus Domino
  • MS Exchange
  • Appliances
  • Open Source (Linux with sendmail, etc)
  • Managed Service
  • Others

What surprisingly for me is that many voters choose Lotus Domino for their MX server. Out of 48,4% from 153 voters choose Domino and the second place is Open Source with only 19%.


Why? Why use Lotus Domino as MX servers?

I have no ideas. Maybe because they stack with certain policy that they have to use Lotus Domino server as their MX servers? Or they only know about Lotus Domino? Or else?

I voted for Open Source, because I use Linux and MailScanner for my first protection against spam and viruses. Personally I found that Lotus Domino is not a good MX servers because it lack of anti spam features.

But many people will consider that Lotus Domino server license is just too expensive comparing with Open Source one, or using Lotus Domino for just as smtp server simply too much.

I’m not sure about Lotus Domino 8, but the current version (Domino 7) is lack of anti spam features. I hope the best that the new Lotus Domino 8 will have more feature for anti spam including Bayesian engine.


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