List of My WordPress Plugins

The more I use WordPress, the more I like the software. The most important thing about WordPress that I like is that WordPress is very customizable, thanks for rich and useful plugins that available for WordPress.

I want to share the plugins that I use.


Askimet is a must for every WordPress installation. It will stop spams in your comments, and perhaps more. Right now it stop more spam everyday in my blog. Askimet is my number one plugins.

Ultimate Tag Warrior

It will add tags in your post. Tags is beyond Categories. While I try to keep my categories small (my personal opinion, other maybe different), my tags is can very huge.

All in One SEO Pack

This is very lovely plugin to have, it have many useful things like add meta keyword in your post. The most useful thing in my opinions is that All in One SEO Pack can change the title of your post. The default in WordPress is “your blog title >> your post title“. All in One SEO Pack will change it into “your post title | your blog title“. The last format is much more Search Engine friendly.

FeedBurner Feed Replacement

I use it to replace the default feeds, all feeds will goes to FeedBurner.

Popularity Contest

Want to know which post that visited more often? Use this plugins. It will calculate which post that visited more often and listed in side bar. Very nice.

Related Post

Give readers much easier way to look for another post that ‘maybe’ related to the current post. It will make your readers may stay longer in your blog.

Subscribe to Comments

This plugins will notifies your readers if there are new comments that they are subscribed with. This will make your blog will behave like forums.

WP-Contact Form

Keep in touch with your readers without publishing your email address.

That’s it. That all the plugins that I use.

I’m also looking for images plugins for WordPress. Right now I’m trying Gallery2 Image hosting and WPG2 plugins, but I feel that Gallery2 is much complex and heavy load, and now I’m looking for another solutions. I’m looking for small and simpler Image Hosting with plugins available for WordPress. I’m also thinking to use, or any other free image hosting.

WordPress is have very good community, a lot of themes and plugins will make WordPress better solutions for blogger than any other blog software or ready to use web blog.

Now, what are your plugins? Please share it with us.


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