Comparing MS SharePoint with Lotus Quickr, Apple to Apple?

My head office is planning to migrate their mail infrastructure into something new. They now currently still using Novell server with Novell GroupWise, and they want to get rid of that.

In terms of IT, we have different perspective. It’s been a long time since we moved from GroupWise to Lotus Notes, while our head office still using Novell GroupWise. It’s kind of funny that we “a branch office” could choose different software and technology, but that happen. As long as we can sent email to each other that not a problem.

Now, seeing that they want to migrate their GroupWise, it is time for me and my boss to put some influences.

Right now, they want to migrate to MS Exchange along with MS SharePoint. So my boss give them a simple demonstration with one and two Lotus Notes databases, and now they already have doubts on their choices 🙂

They impressed. Very impressed.

But, about MS SharePoint, I’m the one who have doubts.

After a few calls with one of my friend in IBM, they suggested a few list of Lotus or IBM products: Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections and IBM WebSphere portals.

I think the closest one with MS SharePoint is Lotus Quickr.

I found many interesting reading from the web, that I like to share.

Migrating to SharePoint … the wrong comparisons

Domino or Sharepoint?

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Domino vs. Sharepoint, or should that be Quickr vs. Sharepoint??

From those reading, my temporary understanding is that Lotus Quickr is the closest one to match MS SharePoint. While comparing MS SharePoint with Lotus Quickr is not like comparing apple to apple, but very close product.

We can’t compare Lotus Domino with MS Exchange, is NOT apple to apple.

Right now, I’m going to look for Lotus Quickr and give it a try and hope that my head office will like it and use it.

If you have any experiences with both products, please share it with us.


1 thought on “Comparing MS SharePoint with Lotus Quickr, Apple to Apple?

  1. Cruxy says:

    I currently try to get a comparison from Microsoft of Domino/Quickr and Exchange/Sharepoint. IBM gave me the things the other way round – why not?

    Big Problem: it looks like IBM knows what they are doing and MS don’t.

    I’ve never used one of them, so I try to find my (our) way…

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