Autoreply meet Autoreply

This morning I found a funny things about Auto-reply (or out of the office) feature that can be found in many mail server.

What happen, if at least two people who join in a mailing list activate their Auto-reply feature?

Long subject with “Autoreply: Autoreply: Autoreply: Autoreply: Autoreply:

This happen today in one of my mailing list.

Annoying, but funny.

How to avoid this from happening?

If your mailing list provider is yahoogroups, that its quite simple.

Before you leave, you can sent email to your mailing list with nomail set.

So if your mailing list is yourmailinglist [at], than you can sent email to yourmailinglist-nomail [at]

After a while, your mailing list will stop sending emails to you.

To activate back, simply sent email to yourmailinglist-normal [at] or yourmailinglist-digest [at]


Or simply you can exclude your mail client to exclude Auto-reply on your mailing list.

With lotus notes, you can use Exceptions in Out of Office setting.

Lotus Notes Out Of Office Setting


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