Problem with WordPress

I have problems with my WordPress for almost three days. I though that I mess something up, but realize I didn’t do anything in my wordpress setting. What usually I modified is my theme layout, nothing else.

The problem is, my permalinks is not works as usual.

Usually I have this permalinks format

and somehow it changed into default


I don’t want my permalinks only display post_id, I want to display the post_name. I hold my new post until I solved this problem. I think this is just a simple setting problem, but it’s not. It take longer than I expected.

I first suspicious was that my hosting company had change something in their server configurations. I wrote an email to my hosting company, asked if the had change something, but yet no reply.

So, I backup everything’s and plan to move to another hosting.

This morning, I logged to my Cpanel, and go to Fantastico sub panel, and found out that there is an option to upgrade my wordPress from 2.1.2 to version 2.1.3.

What the heck, I do that.

And it solved everything.

I’m not sure what happen, but I think that my hosting company did change something, but really not sure, but I’m glad that everything is OK now, and I’ll continue to post again.

This, I believe not WordPress problem, but most likely a hosting problem. But, really not sure what 😉

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  1. I sometimes have a similar problem but only if I don’t assign a post slug to my new post. That could have been a problem with your blog, but then it was fixed when you upgraded, so it might be due to something else.

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