MailMeter – Another Lotus Notes Email Archive Solution

Usually I never read emails from Domino Files, but this morning one email from Domino Files really interested me. The subject is ‘New for Notes users: Want to Reduce your e-mail storage by 90%?‘. Is that true?

This is an email archive solution from MailMeter from Waterford Technologies.

Quote from the email

“MailMeter dramatically reduces the size of your Domino e-mail databases by removing attachments on messages older than a time period you specify, in a certain folder location, of a certain attachment type, or a specific size of attachment, and it inserts a link to the attachment that was automatically captured into the MailMeter Archive Volume. Instead of having the same attachment in 50 NSF files – you have single instance storage – one attachment linked to 50 messages.”

This is a good idea. How many times that one user set email with 1 MB of attachment to 50 users? It will eat up more than 50 MB of server harddisk space. And if somebody else will reply that email again with attachment or another attachment will double or even triple it. That really eat up harddisk space faster more than you realize.

By moving all the attachment in one single location, will save space. And looking at that quote of the email, I think MailMeter will smart enough not to duplicate the attachment.

I don’t know if the MailMeter able to compress the attachment too. But if there are an option to compress the attachment, that will be great.

If you having a problem with growing email databases, maybe this one is a good solution.

But, if you are in tight budget, maybe the old traditional archive system is our only option.

Ps: I’m not in any way related with MailMeter or Waterford Technologies, and I’m not tested it yet.

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    thanks for the info

  2. Admin says:

    there are many third party software for lotus domino that can able to automatically zipped attachments.

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