About MailWatch

MailScanner is a very good tool to detect spam and viruses, but MailScanner is lack of reporting tools. It only relay on maillog for logging. Even if maillog file is most comprehensive, for most people it difficult to ‘read’.

But there is MailWacth. A web based reporting tool for MailScanner and much more. If you already installed MailScanner, than it a must that you have to install MailWatch too. It simply a must. Runing MailScanner without MailWatch is simply like to have linux without gnome.

Live Report
With MailWatch you can have better understanding on what is going on in your mail server right now. Much more easier than watching your maillog with tail -f command.

Custom reports with graphs and charts
Create reports with graphs, charts based on mail traffic, viruses, spam and many more.

User Management
You can create users and let them manage their own spam.

There are three levels of user in MailWatch user management.

  1. Admin
  2. Domain Admin
  3. user

The most powerfull user level is Admin, where admin can manage all the domain and all the users. Admin can see all the emails in every domains.

Domain Admin can manage all users under it admin. Domain Admin can see all emails within their domain. This is very usefull if we manage multiple domains, and each domain have their own admin.

User can only manage their own user. They can create their own white list or black list, or change their spam score level or high spam score level.

MySQL database
Because MailWatch store it data in mySQL database, it easy to create our custom report with our prefered third party reporting tools like Crystal Report or even MS Excel.

MailWatch simply the best pair for MailScanner.

You can download the latest MailWatch in here or read the official documentation about MailWatch in here.

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