About Lotus Notes Database Quota

One of Lotus Notes feature is Database Quota. Database Quota will limit the maximum size of a database can attain. Without Database Quota a database can grow up to 64 GB.

Database Quota can be setup into all databases, not just on mail databases.

The setup is easy.

When you register a user, there is an option to set database quota and warning threshold directly in Register Person window.

Or if the database already created and there is no quota setting, or simply you want to adjuts the quota setting, you can do it in Domino Administrator.

What if the user mail database already reached it quota? What happen with the emails?

When users already reached their quota, they can sent email BUT they can’t save it in the sent folder or any folder.

For incoming emails, there are there options.

  1. Deliver Anyway
  2. Non Deliver to Originator
  3. Hold Mail and Retry

Deliver Anyway, that all incoming emails still delivered to the users even if the users already reached their quota, so there is no emails lost. This is the default setting.

Non Delivery to Originator, domino server will sent a notification to the sender that the user already reached their quota, so they can’t accept any emails.

Hold Mail and Rety, all email still accepted by Lotus Domino BUT will not delivered to the users mail database. The emails will be delivered until users make some space in their database (delete or archive).

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