A new great feature in MailScanner (beta)

Julian Field (the author of MailScanner) now recently releasing a new beta version of MailScanner, the new beta version is 4.60.6.

Able to compress attachments into a zip file.

This feature can work on both incoming and outgoing emails.

There are many third party software that sells this kind of features with expensive prices, but MailScanner will do it for free. Now I’m feel sorry for those third party softwares.

Benefits that we can have with this feature.

  • For incoming emails, it will save Mail Server harddisk space.
  • For outgoing emails, it will save bandwith.

This feature also can be customized.

  • You can set it only for incoming emails or only for outgoing emails or both.
  • You can compress attachment if the total file size more that e.g 100 kb.
  • You can tell MailScanner not to compress already compressed file e.g zip, rar, jpg, mpg, etc.
  • This feature can be enable for certain recipients, domains, etc with rule(s) file.

I can’t wait until it reach stable version.

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