May 2007


One of Lotus Notes feature is Database Quota. Database Quota will limit the maximum size of a database can attain. Without Database Quota a database can grow up to 64 GB. Database Quota can be setup into all databases, not just on mail databases. The setup is easy. When you register a user, there is […]


Julian Field (the author of MailScanner) now recently releasing a new beta version of MailScanner, the new beta version is 4.60.6. Able to compress attachments into a zip file. This feature can work on both incoming and outgoing emails. There are many third party software that sells this kind of features with expensive prices, but […]

Usually I never read emails from Domino Files, but this morning one email from Domino Files really interested me. The subject is ‘New for Notes users: Want to Reduce your e-mail storage by 90%?‘. Is that true? This is an email archive solution from MailMeter from Waterford Technologies. Quote from the email “MailMeter dramatically reduces […]

I just moving out from my old web hosting to a new one that are bigger space, bigger bandwidth and faster performance. And as I expect, the moving of WordPress files and database from my old hosting to a new one is easy enough. There are actually two ways (at least that I know of), […]

MailScanner is a very good tool to detect spam and viruses, but MailScanner is lack of reporting tools. It only relay on maillog for logging. Even if maillog file is most comprehensive, for most people it difficult to ‘read’. But there is MailWacth. A web based reporting tool for MailScanner and much more. If you […]

There are new stable release of MailScanner, version 4.59.4. The new release now support clamscan and clamd anti virus. It also support avast anti virus. For more detailed what new in MailScanner 5.59.4, you can read it here. With the new clamd support, we hope that we can have significant improvement in virus scanning. – […]

I have problems with my WordPress for almost three days. I though that I mess something up, but realize I didn’t do anything in my wordpress setting. What usually I modified is my theme layout, nothing else. The problem is, my permalinks is not works as usual. Usually I have this permalinks format and […]


This is a simple how to on how to manage lotus notes mail databases. If you are a newbie on lotus notes administrator, I hope this simple how to will help you to manage all your users mail databases. Set quota on each mail database People said that harddisk is cheap now. Yes, harddisk is […]