WordPress or Blogger?

My first blog, I use blogger. Than after a few weeks, I found that blogger is somehow is limited. It easy to use, but yet limited. So I tried to look for another solutions, and I found WordPress (WordPress with our own hosting, not from WordPress.com).

After weeks with WordPress, I can only say this.
“if you serious about blogging then you should choose WordPress not Blogger”.

WordPress have too many themes, plugins and excellent support from its community, that are the keys reason why we should choose WordPress.

While Blogger also have many themes, but the themes it self difficult to modified, only one big XML file. While in WordPress, the file is breakdown into many smaller files. For me, WordPress theme much more beatifull rather that Blogger theme :-).


WordPress have tons of plugins. One of my favorite plugins is Related Post. It can search and found related post with our current one, and display them for recommendation for reading. Very useful.
And Importing my old posts and comments from blogger into my new WordPress was so easy with RSS Import. Everything’s done in a few clicks.

In WordPress there is a tools for Export and Import to/from XML, so we can backup and restore the data with ease, very useful if we have plan to change our hosting company.

The good thing about template, we can modify the way WordPress show our blogs. I like to show a full post in standard view, and only show the excerpt in categorized or archived view, and this can be done with ease.

Or you can create different templates for post and pages, so we can display posts and pages with different design and layout.

So many things that we can do with templates.

We can set a specific page as our homepage. So instead of displaying our last post, it will display a static page as our homepage. I think this feature is very suitable for small company website.

Easy to customize
Somehow it’s much more easy to read the WordPress’s PHP file rather than the Blogger’s XML file. We can jump directly to PHP files and edit it. Even for newbie like me it’s easy to understand the structure and made some minor modifications.
Example: I can display ads in the first two post with this code inside the post loop.

$postnum = 1;

<!– This will show ads –>
<!– in 1st and 2nd post –>
<?php if ($postnum <= 2) {
echo ‘
<div style=”float: right; margin: 5px;”>
<!– the ads code –>
} ?>

Simple right? Can we do this in Blogger?

Did I mention excellent support from its community?


WordPress has so many advatages rather than Blogger. While WordPress is not free, but you can use shared hosting for it and shared hosting this day very cheap anyway. So it will not become a problem. And if your blog becoming more and more popular, than you will need a serious hosting. 🙂


6 thoughts on “WordPress or Blogger?

  1. Ryo says:

    I used Blogger, switched to WordPress and then back again.
    It’s easier to maintain, and it’s more permanent then your own Webspace.

    New Blogger has a lot of options and is widely supported by different Web 2.0 services.
    In fact I never found a function or widget that i could not rewrite for use with Blogger.

    For me it’s important that the things i write lasts on the net.

    Another thing… i don’t have to spend time in updating the software AND my server. I learned that i getting more productive when i write articles instead of fixing security holes in PHP 🙂

  2. bfebrian says:

    Good point. Yes, blogger will last forever – well at least as long google maintain it. While for WordPress we have to maintains it our self, and keep paying the hosting company ;-P.
    Nothing is perfect.
    But if I have to choose, than I choose WordPress.

  3. Lorelle says:

    I think Ryo is talking about WordPress.com, a similar but different blogging service. It’s a free hosting service. The full version of WordPress allows you total control over everything, including web hosts and “webspace”.

    Great article, though the new location for Wasabi’s Related Posts is at http://wasabi.pbwiki.com/Related%20Entries. It is a great WordPress Plugin but is no longer supported. Hopefully someone will take this on soon.

  4. bfebrian says:

    Thanks for the info.
    The link to Related Post now updated to http://wasabi.pbwiki.com/

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