A new way for fighting spam, will this help?

There are many ways for fighting spam and we have many tools for it. But still, we receives many spams in our inbox, it just a matter how many spams we can tolerate. For some people having 10 spam emails in their inbox will not be a problem, but for others it become a big problem.

I found an interesting page when I surf the net.


I think this is a way for fighting spam, BUT will this effective?

Quote from http://www.iwebtool.com/webmasters/antispam/

This page is generated to attempt to slow down Spam bots from collecting e-mail addresses off the web via spam programs. The purpose of this page is to try and fill the Spam bots with worthless non-existing emails which will force them to clean out their list which will clear all the emails including all the real emails it’s collected.

Everytime a spambots visits that page, the spambots will collect around 50 random non-existing emails, and hopely will fills their database with junk email addresses, and finally the spammers will spend more time to clean up the junk email addresses.

I’m not really sure if this method is effective or will give big contribution for fighting spam, specially agains spambots. If I’m a spammer, I just prevent my spambots from visiting that page.

But, if we have many pages like that, than it might be become a big problem for spambots and spammers.

So not just create a link to that page (but we still create a link to that page), maybe we should create another page similar like that. Than that will give spammers real headache.

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