April 2007

There are many ways for fighting spam and we have many tools for it. But still, we receives many spams in our inbox, it just a matter how many spams we can tolerate. For some people having 10 spam emails in their inbox will not be a problem, but for others it become a big […]


My first blog, I use blogger. Than after a few weeks, I found that blogger is somehow is limited. It easy to use, but yet limited. So I tried to look for another solutions, and I found WordPress (WordPress with our own hosting, not from WordPress.com). After weeks with WordPress, I can only say this. […]

I finally make a plan to upgrade my domino server from 6.5 to 7. Time to do some preparation and information, google is my first choice, and domino forum is my second choice. Documentation’s on How to Upgrade Domino 6 to Domino 7 ? First, find and learn some documentation’s. Make a simple query in […]


Years ago, I created this Email Policy for my users that I summarized from many sources. If you are in the process to create email policy for your company or reviewing your current on, you can use it for a start and than change it as your need. Purpose of Email Policy The purpose of […]