Report from Lotusphere Comes To You (finally at Jakarta)

It’s a tradition or what? The event delayed for more than an hour. Another delayed event, that cause the speaker speed up on how they present things, to catch up the time. But afterall, this is a good event.

Lotusphere divided into two Tracks

  • Track 1 is Business & Infrastructure.
  • Track 2 is Technical & Developers.

If I can divided or clone my self, I will attend both tracks. But, I’m only one person, so I had to choose, so I choose Business & Infrastructure.

These are the list of the speakers that I attend:

  • Stephan Wissel – IBM Sales & Distribution, Software Sales Consulting Sales Specialist, IBM Singapore
  • Simon Lee – Regional Business Strategist IBM Software Group ASEAN/SA
  • Christian Nybye – IBM Sales & Distribution, Software Sales Senior Sales Specialist, IBM Singapore
  • Beta Petrarcha – Information Management Specialist, PT. IBM Indonesia
  • Michael Quek – Regional Brand Manager Websphere Portal & Workplace IBM Software Group ASEAN/SA
  • Jason WH Lee – IBM Sales and Distribution, Software Sales, Advisory IT Specialist Technical Specialist, IBM Singapore

There are other speakers too, but I’m not listed them in here.

I like the dynamic duo (Simon Lee and Stephan Wissel) present things, not formal. They made jokes to each others. And how Stephan showed us ‘The Taichi in the office’, really lighten up the situation. The topic they presents are ‘Keynote – It Revolves Around You!’ and A day in the life demo and it was a good demo.

There are also another dynamic duo (Michael Quek and Jason Lee), give us a very good presentation about Portal and Forms.

Bad thing is, at lunch, I struggle to get a cup of coffee, but there is none. Jakarta is in Java, the island of Java, and they not serve coffee at lunch, very very bad.

Cause of that, give me a headache , and can’t followed another session seriously. I only manage to followed Michael Quek and Jason Lee, after that – looking for a cup of coffee (Yes they served coffe in the morning and after the show)

The things that I will look after this are Quickr, Connections and maybe Portal.

The event was good, I’m not gonna say excellent (because of a cup off coffee), and I got a free t-shirt.

2 thoughts on “Report from Lotusphere Comes To You (finally at Jakarta)

  1. Hi Budi,

    thx for the heads up. My title is actually “Lotus Technology & Productivity Advisor”. You missed the “Developer’s Wu Shu” in the technical track 😉
    Check with IBM Jakarta’s Lotus team for my schedule, I’m in Jakarta quite often and I’ll buy you the missing Java.
    🙂 stw

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