My summaries about Lotus Notes 8

From Lotusphere Comes To You in Jakarta last week, there are some important things that I noted about the new Lotus Notes 8.

Open Document Format (ODF) editor that will replace casual MS Office users, that only use MS Office for small task, like creates simple documents and simple sheet calculations. With this new features, I thinks small companies or event big companies will reduces it IT budget for MS Office. They now can buy only a few copy of MS Office licenses for power users only and use this free ODF editor the rest of it employees. Save budget.
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Import data to calendar from standard Internet Calendar format like ICS.

Email preview in the right column, very useful for wide screen user that become more and more common today.

Email thread – I believe this already in lotus notes 7 but maybe more integrated nicely in notes 8. (I’m not yet using notes 7)

Web browser now can be integrated with other than Ms Internet Explorer, like Mozilla or Firefox. I think that IBM finally realize that surf the net with MS Internet Explorer simply not SAFE. 😉

Composite Applications. This is simply a good feature from both of application developer and users. Simplifies many thing.
Example I have three applications

  • Customer applications
  • Supplier Applications
  • Project Applications

With Composite Applications I can link those three applications in a new way.
Example, If I open one project application document, than the customer and supplier applications will show the related document’s like what is the customer and what are the suppliers for that project, all in the same window.
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Export to PDF already built-in in lotus notes 8. So we don’t need another third party to create pdf file.

For SameTime 7.5, now it can have video chatting, tabbed chat and Ms Office and Outlook integration, so they can initiate chat directly from office or outlook. It maybe strange, but some people do still using outlook.
And SameTime server can run under linux 🙂

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