Do you think your email address as your privacy?

I just received an invitation by email from microsoft about an event called “Vista Launch Reloaded” that will be held on April 11, 2007. It’s ok by me, and perhaps I will attend the event.

The worst part is, the sender put my email address in the To field with others email addresses, more than 100 email addresses.

I tried so hard to keep my office email address as privacy as possible, but one silly email from microsoft published my office email address to more than 100 people that I don’t even know off. Why the sender didn’t put my email address and other email addresses in the Bcc field? So no one else will know each other email addresses? That why Bcc field there for, for privacy. I’m sure that they have Bcc in outlook.

Maybe you think I’m just over reacted about this, but I believe many people will consider their email address as privacy as possible.

I have one office email address, that I use only for my office purpose, I don’t share it with anybody that no related with my office business. As for my other purpose like my personal purpose I use other email addresses like gmail or yahoo, NOT my office email address. That to keep my office email address as clean as possible, and less spam.

But this one email from microsoft blew it.

Now at least more than 100 person know about my office email address, thanks to microsoft.

Maybe microsoft can teach their employee better next time.

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